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  Home : Dutch Oven Cook Books : Log Cabin All About Potatoes
by Colleen Sloan
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All About Potatoes Cookbook
Reg. $15.95

   All About Potatoes by Colleen Sloan
There are 111 pages in this book that hold over 133 recipes. No Matter how you spell it, the potato has had a lot of things written about it. It's a pretty incredible vegetable. The Potato is relatively low in calories and no other vegetable equals it in popularity. There are over 2300 different species of potatoes grown through out the world. Stories and myths have followed it through history. Perhaps the most famous is the Irish Potato Famine. The Spanish rode their horses over thousands of dollars worth in search of Inca gold. According to the New York Times newspaper in November 2003, Idaho produces over 1/3 of the Nations crop of potatoes. The Potato has as many calories as a large apple and less the big serving of cottage cheese. In addition, it is low in sodium, virtually fat free, easily digestible, and a good source of fiber for the body. It's all in fixin's that make it fattening. The Potato is High in Protein, Nitrogen, Iron, Vitamin B and C, and of course magnesium. Not just any old spud is grown in Idaho tho. Luther Burbank took over 40 years to do the experiments and develop the russet we know today. You can mash it, bake it, fry it, and it is a crucial part of today's American French Fry. Thomas Jefferson introduced it to the White House when Ben Franklin brought it to him from France. Today they are known as Idaho Russets. As you can see the Potato is the King of Vegetables. If you are a Dutch oven cook you will have to have at least one potato recipe going in your Dutch oven. With this cookbook you can expand your possibilities and feed your stomach too. This cookbook is great for any Dutch oven cook.

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