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The Gold Hunter Test Kit

Test water for gold!

Now it quite simple and inexpensive to test water for gold content. You can test well water,streams, rivers, discharge from old mines, ponds and other sources for gold content. One or two gallons from the source is usually sufficient. You need only evaporate the water (do not boil) in an oven until the water is gone and a dry residue remains. This concentrate can be scraped out the container and transferred to the small glass dram bottle. Or you can just leave it in the evaporation bottle and just add a small amount of KD-1 until the residue is redissolved. Siphon off a drop of the dissolved solution and place on a piece of tissue paper or paper towel. Add a drop of KD-3. If you have any purple color, then you have gold in the water! Remember, you are dealing with parts per million (ppm) and if there is any gold in the water, the water can be filtered and the gold can be recovered from the filter fairly easily. If you have any purple color at all, you probably have a payable source of gold. Further filtering and testing would certainly be indicated. For example, a prospector in North Carolina filtered an old well on an old mine site and was recovering approximately 12 ounces of gold per month from the water! You would be surprised at the number of home wells that contain recoverable gold. It's just that these sources have never been tested! Two or three ppm of gold in water can produce several ounces of gold per month when run through a proper filtering system. Mountain springs can also be a good source of gold, especially hot strings. Even homes with wells that have been built in the gold bearing mountain areas can carry significant amounts of gold. Now, for less than a buck, you can see if any water source contains gold. There are several reputable companies that sell gold filtering systems and you can contact us for referrals. Some of the smaller systems are not that expensive and work quite efficiently. We don't know them all, but we do know some that it would be wise to stay away from. Best of luck!!

The Gold Hunter Test Kit

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